Tilt® Toilet Incline Lift Houston, Texas

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TiLT® Toilet Incline Lift

The TILT® Toilet Incline Lift is the perfect toileting aid that offers both dignified and independent bathroom use. You can experience both comfort and safety when using this patented toilet lift, which combines the functionality of a heavy-duty commode and a lift chair into one easy-to-use solution that lifts to your natural body movement. The TILT® is equipped with a push button control allowing you or your caregiver to easily operate with the push of a button. We take great pride in partnering with you to provide Houston with powered toilet lift chair solutions!

Prices starting at $999.00

Product Features

  • Easy Installation:This lightweight unit, weighing just 34 pounds, can be installed in as little as 15 minutes.
  • Hand Grips:Handles feature non-slip covers, allowing you to maintain a secure grip while the seat raises and lowers.
  • Compatible with Multiple Toilet Bowls:Available in round and elongated styles and fits bowl heights ranging from 14″ to 21″.
  • Fits a Variety of Users:Accommodates individuals ranging in height from 5’2″ to 6’4″ and supports up to 325 pounds.
  • Increased Stability:The unit attaches directly to the bowl and allows you to move 7½” forward, which positions your shoulders over your feet for optimal balance and positioning. Additionally, arms remain at an ideal positioning angle, which keeps elbows slightly bent to maximize ideal strength in order to exit the seat.
  • Easy Cleaning:Assembly is protected by a plastic shield, which can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • Easy Transfers:The low angle of the unit allows for easier lateral transfers from mobility devices, transport chairs, etc. In the down position, the arms are lower than the seat for slide board transfers.
  • All of our Houston powered toilet lift chairs are made in the USA and carry a two-year warranty. We invite you to partner with us today!

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