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Chevrolet Traverse SUV Rear Entry Wheelchair Conversion

The Rear-Entry wheelchair accessible Chevrolet Traverse offers a sleek, fashionable, and accessible SUV experience.

With the rear entry modification, you can park everywhere, not just in spaces designated for people with disabilities.
The ramp’s dimensions of 35 inches broad by 60 inches long give plenty of area for simple entrance and exit from the SUV.

A structural quality aluminum ramp with spring assistance makes accessing the vehicle simple.
Wheelchair users may enter and depart the vehicle independently thanks to the automated ramp and remote key fob access, which is an extra feature.

Ramp Options

Ramp Width: 35″

Ramp Length: 60″

Automatic or Manual ramp operation

Built of commercial-quality non-slip vinyl and corrosion-resistant, high-strength structural grade aluminum

Chevrolet Traverse SUV Side Entry Wheelchair Conversion

The unveiling of the wheelchair-accessible Chevrolet Traverse, which has the side entry gull-wing door and an in-floor ramp that will cause you to reconsider all other wheelchair-accessible vehicle conversions, is something that Mobility Partners of Houston is thrilled to make available as a Wheelchair SUV Conversion option.

Contrast the Wheelchair Conversion Side Entry Traverse’s door opening measurements with anything else available.
The Wheelchair Conversion Traverse’s entry/exit proportions are larger than those of any other wheelchair-accessible vehicle, as you’ll discover.

The in-floor ramp is 31.75′′ wide and features an industry-best 7.3 degree incline ramp angle.
In addition to requiring less space to enter the car, the decreased inclination will make life easier for you every day.

The Chevrolet Traverse wheelchair conversion’s ground-breaking design offers the first internal hydraulic lowering ramp system, which includes, Zero Ramp and Simple Access to your SUV.

The Gull-Wing door, along with an industry first, reduces the inconvenience of blocked parking spaces.

Long ramp wheelchair adaptations need 8′ or more of access/egress space, which causes a parked-in blockage.
Nothing is more inconvenient than being blocked by a parked car, which leaves you behind and stranded outside in the heat, cold, rain, or snow.

The Traverse Wheelchair Conversion was created for wheelchair users who never want to be blocked when parked.



Converted Traverse Side-Entry Specs

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