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Absolutely 5 stars! From the purchase to delivery. I live out of state and these guys were more than accommodating! Try them for yourself !

Chii Clark, West Point MS

Agent Orange in Vietnam caused me not to be able to walk any distance. My Golden Companion Scooter let’s me go to almost anything with my Family! My Golden scooter let’s me go with my family to Great America of Chicago. It also takes me to Disney in FL, track meets, Lacrosse games, baseball games and numerous family events that I would have not been able to attend without it.

Darrell Rolinitis, Westville, IL

This is my husband and I of 42 years on vacation down the Jersey shore. He has very bad osteoporosis of knees and I have rheumatoid arthritis. I can’t walk very far and him only a few yards. If not for these scooters,which we rented,we would not have gone to enjoyed our trip. Being we are seniors we can’t afford to buy a scooter.

Joan Myers, Mt Ephraim, NJ

My wife and I have been big fans of geocaching. In July of 2016 I fell ill with Guillain-Barré syndrome and can’t walk except for very short distances. We purchased a Buzzaround XL and it has changed our lives! I am free again and can go pretty much anywhere I want to go with my scooter. The small silver item I am holding in my left hand is called a nano geocache. It is magnetic and was hidden at the bottom of this pole. Geocaching is a great way to explore not only your own neighborhood but a new city, town or country and Golden has allowed me to do that again!

Karl Sonneberg, Marina Del Rey, CA

I belive a Golden Lift Chair is the best you will ever own. Mine has heat and massage. I love it for my back! I sit and watch TV, but I have trouble getting up and down. Not anymore! It is the most relaxing chair I have ever owned. I can’t say enough about this chair, it is the best!

Kelly Blevins, Traphill, NC

I love my new scooter and so does my “baby” Bella! She rides in the basket and doesn’t even want to get out. She’s a cairn terrier (like Toto)!

Kim L, West Pittston, PA

I was planning a wonderful trip to Maui with my sister, brother and husband. What a glorious vacation we had scheduled. My only problem was that I was with people that liked to go on long walks. My limit was about two blocks and even that short distance would create severe pain. I debated for several months about renting a Mobility Scooter. I guess my resistance was that renting one was almost like admitting I was disabled. Well, I realized that if I swallowed my pride I would not feel sad or sorry for myself when everyone else went for a walk. I finally took the plunge and rented one for three full weeks (the entire time of our vacation). It was wonderful. We went on long walks, not only in scenic places, but also we went down residential streets, business districts and of course all of the tourist places. I could take it on the cement and on the dirt. For the first time in the last few years I was not left out. I did not sit on the bench, the blanket or have to wait all alone in the condo room. I did not have to encourage everyone else to go out and have fun. I did not have to take the car to a restaurant just a few blocks away when everyone else walked. I felt independent and had a wonderful time. I will definitely rent a Mobility Scooter the next time I go anyplace that requires walking. Thank you.

Louise de Leeuw, Concord, CA

I feel at work doing bridge construction. I broke both ankles. My lift chair was a life saver! It lifted me up to a walker, then a power wheelchair I borrowed for my recovery. My chair was my home for 8 weeks!

Mike Cave, Lowgap, NC

On my third trip to Maui I went with 3 of my best friends. They are very active ladies and I thought oh boy I’ll be stuck at the condo. Before I left Seattle I found Maui Mobility online! I was so happy that I could participate in so many more adventures. Delivery was a BREEZE and the scooter was awesome. Numerous times I was asked if it was mine and I’d say it’s a rental. So many people weren’t aware this service existed. Even now (back home) when I was in a skilled nursing facility I tell people go to MAUI! There’s great access and call up Maui Mobility, their scooters were easy to take apart & put together and they fit in the trunk of a rental car. Truly this scooter made my trip the trip of a lifetime.

Nancy Niemiec, Edmonds, WA

My parents went out to Lake Wawasee and thought they would never be able to enjoy the lake again. They were able to rent scooters from Goshen Home Medical and was able to see the lake once again. They absolutely loved the scooters and the lake views they were able to see.

Rudolf Selent, Steger, IL

I’m a 9+ year stroke survivor & I’ve had a couple brands of electric scooter. They’ve been unwieldy, heavy & my fiancé help transport the scooter. With research, I purchased a Golden Buzzaround XLSHD in April. It has been Like a burden lifted! I can now disassemble my scooter with one hand! It’s a pleasure, so we celebrated up to Epcot, where the scooter lasted all day! I had a smile from ear to ear. Thank you Mr. Golden!

Scott Greenbaum, Miami, FL

Last year, I was blessed with the opportunity to fulfill my dream vacation in Maui. My mom and I spent a week and 1/2 there. While there, my mom rented a Golden Scooter for me from Maui Mobility Systems. I have leukemia and my red blood cell counts are really low, which makes it difficult, nearly impossible for me to stand up and walk around without getting short of breath or too weak. I never had the chance to try out a scooter until my mom rented the Golden Scooter while we were in Maui. It made my life so much easier! It was so easy to get around in the scooter and I was able to be more independent and not rely on my mom or someone to push me around in the manual wheelchair. The battery was excellent on the scooter. I was even able to ride the scooter to and from a beach near our condo, which was about a mile away! The picture that I’m sharing is when I rode the scooter down to the beach and met my mom, who drove the car and from there, she loaded all of our things for the beach (chair, umbrella, ice chest, towels, etc.) onto the scooter and I was able to drive it right down to the beach. I did so many things on the scooter. The condo we stayed in was across the street from the Lahaina shops and I was able to ride over there on the scooter and shop. We also took a sunset cruise and departed from the docks across from the condo where I was able to drive my scooter onto the boat! I loved everything about the scooter. It was sturdy, it ran very well, it was roomy enough to carry things on and the battery stayed charged very well. I hated having to leave Maui and more so having to leave Maui without the awesome scooter.

Tracie Mills, Trinity, TX

In 1964 the Beach Boys had a hit single called “I get around.” We’ll I get around with my Golden Companion GC 440. It is perfect for riding around in the neighborhood. I pull my 5 month old Grandson around the yard with it. Perfect for going to the County Fair, Charlotte Motor Speedway to the races, going to Speedway Auto Auction, going up town to Church, Town Hall and the Fire Dept. I can attend all our Hugh School sports activities. I have had my scooter a little over a year. It is so easy to load and unload the scooter on and off my Harman scooter lift. Thanks for providing quality products for those of us with disabilities.

Warren Champman, My Golden Companion GC440 Mt Pleasant, NC

A trip to the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque was almost canceled due to my failing health and ever more limited mobility. My brother, a Golden Technology Dealer, convinced my wife and daughter that the trip could go on as planned and I could enjoy it fully. I resisted. But three against one: we got a Golden Lite Rider. We chose the LiteRider because it breaks down into components, which could be loaded unassisted by my 5’1″ 120 pound wife. I expected very little. The Lite Rider was moderately priced and light. On the other hand, I was heavy, hovering near the maximum weight capacity of the scooter. In one amazing feat, climbing what I had deemed an impossible incline and dealing with gravel for part of the way, the LiteRider proved its capability. The Lite Rider did more than climb a hill, it restored my confidence – showing me that with a little help – I could still live life to the fullest. With my new found confidence in the machine and restoration of confidence in myself, the Lite Rider was my partner and constant companion as we made the most of our trip and explored the many wonders that New Mexico offers. We explored Albuquerque then moved on to Santa Fe. The LiteRider and I didn’t miss a thing, we saw it all. Then a mile and a quarter touring underground at the Carlsbad Caverns. We even went to Roswell!

Willard Grizzard, Oxford, AL

COPD and a metal hip prevent me from walking any distance and effectively ended my fishing trips. With my Golden scooter and a fishing cart I can once again experience the joys of piscatorial pursuit. Wagons Ho!

William Wood, Summerville, SC